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Be Part of the Music

Jazz Band & Music Club

Jazz Band
The jazz band meets every Tuesday at 7:45 a.m. in the music room.  The ensemble is a high-level performance ensemble open to anyone playing the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, or drums.  In this ensemble, students explore other genres of music (jazz, swing, blues, funk, etc.) as well as advanced music theory.  Students also learn how to improvise on their instruments. Jazz band performs four times a year at both MPH and Rim High at the quarterly concerts.  Please contact Ms. Gregg for details on transportation and availability.

Music Club
Music Club has a variety of different purposes, but at its base level, the club is made up of student leaders whose goal is to improve the MPH Music Department.  The Music Club does this by raising funds for music student enjoyment, bridging the gap between the MPH and Rim Music Departments, building school spirit through the music department, spreading the word and teaching others about music, and expanding music knowledge.  The Music Club meets on Wednesdays during fourth-period lunch.  Interested students can contact Ms. Gregg for details.